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What Is a Dash Pass?

Just like the Flex Pass- Only Quicker! Bypass the traffic with a Dash Pass! For only a few dollars more per vehicle pass you can skip the line and enter the special Dash Pass lane. This special pass is available for all vehicle types with “flexible” day admission. Please visit our  Ticket Purchase Page  for details and to purchase your Dash Pass. A Dash Pass is an upgraded Vehicle Pass +$20 in addition to the standard FLEX Pass admission. (Standard Bus Pass includes Dash Pass). *Some Date Restrictions apply


At the Canadian Tire Magic of Lights, Weekends are full of activity. During the ‘hustle & bustle’ of the holidays many of our Guests choose to visit on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays between 6:30pm and 9:30pm. Typically you will be enjoying the Magic of Lights in less than 20 mins, however on occasion there may be a delay**.

For a more intimate Magical experience we recommend joining us Monday through Thursday, or coming early (5:00pm-6:30pm) or after 9:30pm on the weekends.

Making the most of your MAGIC

Fun Family entertainment to make the time fly as fast as Santa’s Sleigh.  **For our Guests enjoyment and planning purposes updates will be posted on Facebook and Twitter In the event our wait time exceeds 40 minutes.

Carpool Karaoke

Tune your Radio to 88.9fm; Sing Along to the Merry Melodies provided by 96.3 The Breeze. (Share your silly Car Pool Karaoke escapades on You Tube or Facebook) Don’t forget to tag @radtorqueraceay @magicoflightsyeg #magicalmemories

Story Time

Relive your favorite holiday memories; sharing memories with your Family is a magical part of every holiday tradition. Baby’s First Christmas, Christmas with Grandma, The overcooked turkey, or the year Dad dressed up as a really skinny Santa; every family has a fun or happy memory to share- what are yours?

Enjoy some FACETIME

If you haven’t seen Grandma, Grandpa, or Aunt Susie in a while- give them a Face Time call. Your loved ones always want to hear from you; if you have a little bit of time to spare, share the Magic of the holiday with someone you love.

Family Game Night

There are literally thousands of great Holiday iPhone & Android Apps everyone can play. We highly recommend Heads Up Holiday Edition

Twinkle All the Way

Take a photo, upload and create a fun family e-card. Both JibJab and Elf Yourself have funny and entertaining e-cards and videos with you and your family in the center of the hilarious action.

Spend a little ‘ME’ Time

With everything there is to see and do around the holidays, sometimes a little ‘peace on earth’ is all you really want for Christmas. Instead of putting on the high gears… sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Electronic Coloring Books are a great way to encourage the youngsters to explore their imaginations. Both Apple and Google have great imaginative pages the kids can color, finger paint, and draw- and they’re FREE!

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