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Donating to the Community

RAD Torque Raceway is proud to donate Product in Kind and Cash Donations to a variety of local organizations exceeding over $100,000 annually.

Due to the high volume of requests, allow 4-6 weeks for processing – Thank you.

Requests & Qualifications

Due to the large number of requests, we are unable to fulfill incomplete requests. Each request will be reviewed by the RAD Torque Raceway Management Team on a weekly basis; qualified requests will be contacted with further details. We will make every effort to contact Organization requests that do not meet the requirements and/or the RAD Torque Raceway culture of support; please do not submit requests twice.


Submit Requests To: | Attention: Donation

  • Limited to one request per organization per calendar year
  • Due to the overwhelming number of requests that RAD Torque Raceway receives annually, we have established a specific criteria which must be met for an organization to be considered:
    • Locally based organization
    • Direct relation to the automotive industry
    • Safe driving initiatives,
    • Youth organizations in need
    • Automotive/highway rescue services

Requests must include the following on a one-page document:

  • PDF or Word Document, please do not submit letter in body of email
  • Request must be on the organization’s letterhead
  • Tax identification number
  • Date & Description of your event
  • Contact & Complete mailing address, including Postal Code

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