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Weather Policy

DECEMBER 21/23 (3:30pm)  “baby, it’s cold outside”, but… our Elves are Welcoming Guests  to enjoy the Magic from their Heated Shelters. The Magic of Lights is OPEN TONIGHT!

Weather Conditions to be monitored for the area of the Edmonton International Airport (EIA) taken into consideration at 3 pm daily as per ENVIRONMENT CANADA

CAR, LIMO, BUS: For the Safety of our Staff, Guests, and Crew, the Magic of Lights holiday light display will be cancelled for Car, Limo, and Bus vehicle Guests when the temperature dips below minus 30 degrees Celsius or in the event of an **extreme** Environment Canada Winter Weather Alert (See Criteria Below). Cancellations Policy will ONLY be in effect for the specific date/single day of temperature drop or when Environment Canada Weather Warnings are in effect. There are no cash refunds- Standard Vehicle (Car, Limo, Bus) and Dash Pass Vehicle Passes may be redeemed on any single day* throughout the entire length of the Magic of Lights event. * Some date restrictions may apply

Winter Weather Alerts

  • Winter Storm  – Issued when a combination of hazardous winter conditions are occurring.
  • Blizzard  – Issued when winds of 40 km/h (25 mph) or more, are expected to cause widespread reductions in visibilities to less than 1 km (0.62 mi), due to blowing snow, for at least four to six hours and windchills are expected to be very low.
  • Snowfall  – Issued when hazardous amounts are expected to fall over a 12- or 24-hour period. These amounts vary across the country due to topographical and climatic considerations.
  • Snowsquall  – Issued when 15 cm (5.9 in) or more of snow is expected to fall within 12 hours, or the visibility is likely to be near zero for at least four hours because of falling and blowing snow. These are for areas much smaller than a snowstorm would cover. A warning may also be issued when blizzard-like conditions are expected to develop in the vicinity of a cold front for short periods.
  • Freezing Rain – Issued when hazardous walking and driving conditions are expected from freezing rain or drizzle. A warning may be issued if ice is over 2 mm (0.079 in) thick and has the potential to cause damage to trees and overhead electricity and telecommunications wires.
  • Flash Freeze Warning – A rapid drop in temperatures, causing freezing of residual water on roads, and sidewalks to quickly build up.
Frostbite Guide

frostbite guide

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